The Music Partnership delivers teaching that is high quality and informed by the latest Ofsted guidance and framework.

All of the partners working within The Music Partnership share our vision for providing quality music education. This means that you can be secure in the knowledge that you have the best possible groundwork for musical and singing progression with teachers that have access to the best on-going training and professional development and are regulated to the highest standards.

We believe that quality music lessons have the following characteristics:

  • They are great musical experiences
  • Teachers have an excellent rapport with their pupils
  • They are focused on the individual needs of pupils
  • Appropriate challenges are provided which enables good progress
  • Pupils have a clear understanding of what they are being asked to do
  • Sessions are planned and not reactive
  • Effective, relevant warm ups are used
  • Posture, hold and technique are important building blocks and are regularly reviewed
  • Pupils are expected to practice regularly
  • Teaching takes account of a variety of learning styles

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