In many schools, the teaching and learning of music has been taking place as part of a national scheme called Whole Class Ensemble Teaching.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) usually involves a visiting music teacher from a music service coming into school and teaching whole class music lessons using a range of orchestral, band, rock, pop and world music instruments. WCET is sometimes known by other names such as ‘Wider Opportunities’, ‘First Access’ or ‘Key to Music’ (K2M) in Staffordshire. Click here to read Music Mark’s report about the benefits of Whole Class Ensemble Teaching and to see films featuring schools who endorse this method of teaching.

WCET makes a real difference to the lives of the children involved, opening up new horizons for them and their schools, parents and communities. WCET is delivered as a curriculum music provision, so schools do not pass on the cost of delivery to parents, making it an affordable and accessible approach for all pupils and families.

WCET programmes offer a welcome opportunity for children to participate in music-making activities at local, regional, and sometimes national level too, with all of the associated musical performing, learning and social benefits that this entails.


We encourage schools, pupils and families to see WCET as the first step on a longer musical journey and offer many opportunities for children to continue their lesson in individual and group sessions beyond the initial offer.

To find out more, please contact your school or local music service.

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