Schools can benefit from our funded and subsidised range of offers to ensure pupils have access to a wide range of musical opportunities and teachers are well supported to deliver National Curriculum Music and the National Plan for Music Education.

The Music Partnership believes that a quality music education is for everyone and that all children should have an equitable entitlement to quality provision.  Across the partnership a range of programmes and support offers are available, and these are highlighted below, in addition to links to each Music Service. A full copy of the remissions policy can also be found in the footer of this website.  TMP is further committed to finding support for any young person, even if all of the options listed are not applicable.  Please contact us to discuss further. 


Please use the SCHOOLS menu (above) to access the many opportunities available for our schools, from Music Lessons to Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) and specialist curriculum delivery through to training, support, events and qualifications for young people.

In addition to our work with schools and academies on their delivery of the National Curriculum, The Music Partnership also supports the delivery of the National Plan for Music Education. Click here to read the plan in more detail.

The current plan aims to ensure opportunities are available for all children to play, sing, rehearse and perform and that age, race, gender, background and ability do not create barriers for our young people.

As schools prepare for inspections under the Ofsted framework, we are advising leaders to keep one eye on National Curriculum delivery in school and the other on providing opportunities as detailed in the National Plan for Music Education.  Another nuance for our subject but one that we can certainly celebrate with the vast array of quality provision embedded across the region.

We are continually grateful to all of our stakeholders who share our vision for music education and find ways to contribute whether through volunteering to support events, donating to one of our campaigns, buying into one of our three music services or engaging with one of our support offers such as Continuing Professional Development, training or concerts and events for young people provided by our partners.

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