The Music Partnership receives funding from the Department of Education to ensure that all pupils have access to high quality music and vocal teaching.

Our local music services are committed to affordable, quality lessons which enable access to the widest possible groups of children and young people.

We believe that Quality Music Lessons should have the following characteristics:
  • They are great musical experiences
  • Teachers have an excellent rapport with their pupils
  • They are focused on the individual needs of pupils
  • Appropriate challenge is provided enabling good progress
  • Pupils have good understanding on what they are being asked to do
  • Sessions are planned and not reactive
  • Good and relevant warm ups are used
  • Posture, hold and technique is important and reviewed regularly
  • Pupils are expected to practice
  • Teaching takes account of a variety of learning styles

Our workforce is experienced and highly trained, and we provide instruments and resources to support all teaching at low cost or no cost to schools and parents.

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